Meet Cassie Merwin, the founder of Excellent Extracts, 100% pure flavorings like vanilla, almond, lemon and more. All pure, all natural, no preservatives or additives.

Because I care what’s in it…

Hi there, I’m Cassandra Merwin, the founder and force behind Excellent Extracts.

As a professional cake decorator, the taste of the flavorings I use are important to the outcome of the products I create for my clients.

But beyond just the taste, I’m concerned with the quality and purity of the ingredients I use. I believe there are too many artificial substances and ingredients, that we have no idea what they really are, packaged into our food.

In an effort to care for my family and promote a more natural and healthy lifestyle, I created a line of extracts to flavor foods that has no preservatives, chemicals or additives. Now I share these extracts so everyone has access to rich flavor with natural ingredients.

If you’re life is anything like mine, the kitchen is the heart of your home. These extracts make wonderful additions to coffee, tea, smoothies, sauces, and even cocktails, in addition to traditional baking. Because the way I see it, excellence is expected. Enjoy!